Facilities Management

Colour Cleaning is the key !

Suitable for:
Sanitary Fittings


Suitable for:
Isolation Areas


Suitable for:
General Low Risk Areas


Suitable for:
Food Service

Colour-coding is the idea of designating certain cleaning tools and processes by cosistent colour schemes.
Its purpose is the segregation of equipment, materials and procedures as a means of preventing cross-infection
and cross-contamination in the workplace. The colours used must remain consistent for their tasks.

The 'Colour Coding Guide' ensures that ther is no cross-contamination, as equipment used in one area
does NOT transfer germs or bugs to a less germ infected area.

Cleaning Cloths
All Purpose Cloths

All Purpose Cloths
All purpose cloths for
alloffice and kitchen
cleaning uses

  • 480 x 355mm
  • Pack of 50
CPD30021 Red Each £4.50
CPD00634 Blue Each £4.50
CPD30023 Green Each £4.50
CPD30025 Yellow Each £4.50

J ClothsJ Cloths
Lightweight, strong,
machine washable cloths

  • 430 x 320mm
  • Pack of 50
CPD04327 Red Each £7.75
CPD04330 Blue Each £7.75
CPD04318 Green Each £7.75
CPD04324 Yellow Each £7.75
Mops & Buckets

Kentucky Mops
Ideal for cleaning commercial and
public spaces.

  • 450gm pure yarn mop head
Mop Handle and Clip
CX05321 Red Each £4.39
CX05324 Blue Each £4.39
CX05318 Green Each £4.39
CX05315 Yellow Each £4.39
Mop Head
CX05333 Red Each £2.99
CX05330 Blue Each £2.99
CX05327 Green Each £2.99
CX05336 Yellow Each £2.99

Professional Mop BucketBucket
All plastic wringer bucket for use
with socket mops.

  • Anti-drip channel on wringer.
  • Printed 'Caution' sign on the side.
  • 15 litre

CNT00660 Red Each £9.50
CNT00684 Blue Each £9.50
CNT00691 Green Each £9.50
CNT00066 Yellow Each £9.50
1. Mini Jumbo Rolls
Mini Jumbo Rolls
CT34014 Mini Jumbo Dispenser Each £19.99
KF03811 200m Refill Each £25.00
2. Jumbo Rolls
Jumbo Rolls
CT34025 Jumbo Dispenser Each £24.95
KF03810 410m Refill Each £24.50
3. Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue
Bulk Pack
CPD97304 Dispenser Each £14.95
CT34434 Refill Pk 36 £19.95
4. Toilet Rolls
Toilet Rolls
CPD43612 Dispenser Each £15.00
KF03809 200 Sheet Rolls Pk 36 £8,99
KF03808 320 Sheet Rolls Pk 36 £9.99
5. Hand Towels
Hand Towels
CT34069 Dispenser Each £22.50
KF03800 Blue Towels Each £19.95
KF03801 Green Towels Each £19.95
KF03802 White Towels Each £19.95
6. Mini Centrefeed Rolls
Mini Centrefeed Rolls
CT34083 Mini Dispenser Each £27.50
KF03784 120m Refill Pk 12 £29.75
7. Centrefeed Rolls
Centrefeed Rolls
CT34038 Dispenser Each £35.00
KF03804 2-Ply White 150m Refill Pk 6 £17.50
KF03805 2-Ply Blue 150m Refill Pk 6 £17.50
KF03803 1-Ply Blue 300m Refill Pk 6 £19.50
8. Hygiene Rolls
Hygiene Rolls#
KF03806 10" Roll Pk 24 £35.00
KF03807 20" Roll Pk 12 £35.00
9.Refuse Sacks
Refuse Sacks
KF73378 Pedal Bin 15 Litre 1000 £10.95
KF73380 Square Bin 30 Litre 1000 £15.00
KF73379 Swing Bin 40 Litre 1000 £18.95
KF73375 Light Duty Black Pk 200 £14.50
KF73376 Heavy Duty Black Pk 200 £17.99
KF73377 Light Duty Clear Pk 200 £14.50

All prices are exclusive of VAT, where applicable. E&OE.